Lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Studied Art History at Leiden University specializing in contemporary architecture, critique and cultural philosophy. Nancy was the co-founding director of the Instituto Buena Bista from 2006 to 2011, a center for contemporary art and education in the Dutch Caribbean, which she founded together with visual artists Tirzo Martha and David Bade.

From January 2010 on she was the chairman for the 7 Hills Foundation in Amsterdam, founded by  Ipek M. Sur, which is an organization that focusses on mediating a wide variety of contemporary art forms from Turkey in Europe. In  2012 she moved on to being the co-director for 7 Hills until the end of 2013.

In 2012 Nancy was invited as guest-curator at Kunsthal KAdE in the city of Amersfoort for the exhibition ‘Who More Sci-Fi Than Us? Contemporary Art from the Caribbean’ ( which was accompanied by a catalog under the same title (editor and author). During that period Hoffmann worked as an independent critic, curator and mediator for contemporary art from all continents, with a special focus on The Caribbean, Central and South America, Africa and Central Europe.

She fulfilled (guest-)teaching positions at Rietveld Academy Amsterdam (Studium Generale 2010) and Willem de Kooning Academy for Applied Arts and Sciences in Rotterdam (2013-2016). At The Rotterdamse Beeldmaatschappij she advised and assisted in the research for documentaries. Currently she works as a mediator, coach and producer for creative start-ups in Rotterdam, mainly focussing on product design. Over the last 4 years her attention shifted from contemporary visual art to the design field. As a partner at Atelier 81 in Rotterdam she specializes in light and interior design.

Cover catalog WMSFTU

Cover catalog WMSFTU